Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed, annoyed and just plain moody.  I had the day off, but ended up working harder than I would have if had gone to work.  I had to take a taxi from Baltimore City to Bethesda, and was none too happy about that either.  It was then my Driver began to tell me about a young man who had lost both legs in the Iraq/Afghanistan war.  He recounted the story of how his wife left him because she was unable to see a future with a disabled partner.  The Driver said the young man is doing well, but the wife does not want the young daughter to see him, as he is.  WOW!  I can think of several life lessons the daughter can learn from watching her father maneuver through life, such as character, perseverance, humility….

After feeling incredibly sad for the young man, it occurred to me that I was being a real ingrate!  I am alive, conscious, loved, safe, warm….I could go on and on about the ways God has shown me favor.  So, the next time I have a personal pity party, I will have humble pie…..with ice cream of course.

Daily ramblings

I have a new respect for exhaustion.  I admit to not having given it creedence in my my youth.  As I grow older, I not only acknowledge it, but I often give in to it.  What does really mean in the scheme of things?  It may mean that I have turned into my Mother.  She used to sit still and fall asleep sitting straight up.  I have always berated anyone for doing that, saying, “I have to be in bed in order to sleep”.  Well…….I pushed myself so far two days ago that I fell asleep walking up the stairs. When I knew anything, I had one foot on one step, hand on the bannister, and one leg back on the other; yup, caught me mid-climb.

Told myself it had to be some bizarre happening, as to offer an explanation for my darn near passing out on the stairs…. that’s exhaustion!

Moving Forward


I guess no better way for me to begin blogging than for me to weigh in on the death of Whitney houston. I consider pure talent and gifts the best of God’s favor. Whitney sure had it! It feels like a light has been extinguished. The only other time I’ve felt this way was the death of Michael Jackson. I am hopeful that people will stop with the judgments and speculations. After all, who knows what skeletons of our own have not been unearthed because the papparazi are not involved in our lives……