Daily ramblings

I have a new respect for exhaustion.  I admit to not having given it creedence in my my youth.  As I grow older, I not only acknowledge it, but I often give in to it.  What does really mean in the scheme of things?  It may mean that I have turned into my Mother.  She used to sit still and fall asleep sitting straight up.  I have always berated anyone for doing that, saying, “I have to be in bed in order to sleep”.  Well…….I pushed myself so far two days ago that I fell asleep walking up the stairs. When I knew anything, I had one foot on one step, hand on the bannister, and one leg back on the other; yup, caught me mid-climb.

Told myself it had to be some bizarre happening, as to offer an explanation for my darn near passing out on the stairs…. that’s exhaustion!

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