Get Off My Back

“It’s beginning to look alot like election time” sing along.  I have heard each candidate express the dire need for the economy to “bounce back”; the need to create jobs; the long-suffering middle class. 

My question is now, and continues to be, what about the people who have not yet made it to the middle class?  What of those who live so far below the poverty level that an increase for them would elevate them to “poor” or “poverty-stricken” status?  Gone are the days of wondering about sending kids to college, or if there’s enough money in the retirement fund.  Now the concerns are whether or not there’s enough money to buy groceries, or if an operation is REALLY necessary, as there is no insurance for pre-existing conditions.  This is why I was a fan of John Edwards.  He was the only one talking about the poverty.  I could care less who he slept with and how many kids he fathered.  If I can’t have Bill Clinton back, can I at least have had Edwards?

I don’t have a clue at this point which candidate will sway the population enough to become our next POTUS, but one thing’s for sure, it’ll all come down to the lesser of two evils.