I’ve been contemplating the state of our world, of late.  Perhaps as I draw close to the “middle age” milestone, I am past maudlin, and future anxious.

It is deplorable what we’ve done to this beautiful planet – what we’ve done to our bodies. We have been given these perfect machines that are in perfect order, each system relying on the other, and we foul that up, daily…and we wonder why we’re obese, diabetic, heart-sick, etc.  Oh, I’m no better.  I had peanut M&M’s for breakfast.  Sheesh.

The Earth!  Oh, what a wonderful land of milk and honey we have been gifted.  All the food, plant or animal, we can possibly want.  Skins for when we are cold, or need shoes; rain to replenish the earth, ahhh, I just don’t know.  How did we mess this up?  Isn’t God also the Forerunner of necessity being the mother of invention?  Was he not the Creator of George Washigton Carver, and Thomas Alva?  Did He not allow Galileo to see beyond our world?  I am conviced that the reason that NASA continues to find new planets and stars is because He knew we were gonna mess this planet up, so we needed somewhere to live.

Frankly, I think we are in the promised 1,000 years that the book of Revelation says the devil will reign upon the earth.  I have never seen or heard of such heinous things.  Multitudes of people being wiped out by unprecedented natural disasters; wars stacked as high as a brick walls;  threat of more war and the building of more borders; no regard for human life; intentional divisiveness.

We may have been the species that has been able to survive (no disrespect to the extinct ones),  but at what cost?  I know God doesn’t make mistakes;  even still, Him being the Creator, He may be scratching His Holy head over this species. 

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