Big Brother On Deck

8/5/2016 @ 430 am

A Really LONG Rant: Since I’m awake…..
Recently, I posted a few pics of me, with my hand over my mouth, on Facebook, but a wry smile that could be seen in my eyes. ¬†I’m now having horrendous technical issues, with regards to communication. Bottom line, I have been sanctioned by Facebook, as allegedly, someone reported me for excessive tagging. Facebook considers it abusive, and suspended my ability to do so, for 24hrs. They also made it Crystal clear (pun intended), that if the behavior persists, my account will be deleted. Honestly, not sure you’ll even see this.

Suspension served, my posts are being very closely monitored. I was also accused of posting content deemed “inappropriate”, a week ago. Many of my posts fail, or I get a message that the content is deemed inappropriate. One was me sharing a breaking news story, about the damage in Ellicott City, MD, due to severe flooding. Some of my posts just never show in the timeline, Facebook Messenger functions are greyed-out, rendering me unable to call, or IM, at will. I am only allowed to post a certain amount, and if you tag me, most of my responses fail, with no “try again” option.
A few things: I am rather particular about the content on my page, and monitor it closely. Don’t care for excessive cursing, nudity, videos of young black people fighting, while others encourage and film it, people being shot, or abused, malicious libel, etc. If I see, and have to delete someone’s content repeatedly, I usually unfriend, with a “no hard feelings, but IM me, if u need to contact me” note, as it is not my job to judge what others choose to post. Don’t get it twisted, I LOVE a good laugh, I love staying informed, even when the news is not so pleasant, and curse a bit, myself (pray 4 me). I get fired up over certain stories or issues, and have certain people, whose perspectives I seek, that I’ll tag. You know, get dialogue going, perhaps stumble upon some solutions, affect positive change, etc. Sometimes, WCAJ (the radio in my head) is on steroids, and I post lots of music. Oh, I am also a Social Media Marketing Specialist, and Strategist, so I promote TONS of people. Aside from the professional aspect, I just like to support folks, especially blood, and black/orange family.
I, however, have had to delete things that were pornographic in nature, violent and downright disturbing, not to mention hateful and racist. I’ve seen people posing with weapons, make threats to do physical harm to others, but their accts. are not in jeopardy. I’ve had to unfriend some folks. Specifically, someone I’ve known, (and loved) since I was about 9 yrs. old. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but u will not be allowed to be abusive to me, or anyone in my threads-PERIOD. If I start a dialogue, and it gets out of hand, I intervene, to let cooler heads prevail. I consider us to be one big happy, dysfunctional familyūüėÄ In spite of the aforementioned, ¬†my content, consisting of news stories, darned good music, prayers, positive affirmations, No Tea show episodes, promoting others’ businesses, celebrating successes, praying and crying over illnesses, and deaths, and laughing at jokes, ignoring the daily “type Amen, and copy and paste, or u won’t be blessed” messages, and those incessant Candy Crush invites, are being deemed “abusive”, and “inappropriate”. Presi

I’ve had two people inbox me, asking me not to tag them, and another that dubbed me an “over-tagger”. Since I’m that kinda person, and we cut up on occasion, I posted again, and specifically put that person’s name, saying I did not tag them, as a joke, after which, I complied with the not-so-subtle request. The first inbox request was interesting. The thing I was tagging about originally came from her, but that’s more about her, than me (not my circus, not my monkeys); nonetheless, I complied. The second inbox request met with immediate compliance, as well.
I acknowledge tagging, to begin a dialogue, concerning issues that affect us all. Call it the Journalist in me, but I like to hear different perspectives. It’s how we learn, grow, appreciate and value each other, no matter the opinion. If I have offended, bothered, annoyed, or ticked-off ANYONE, I most humbly apologize.
Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. The alternative to all of this is that I posted, commented on, or liked something that caught someone’s attention – not in a good way, either. In that case, I’m being censored, thus the pics with the coveted mouth.

It is evident that my vetting process needs fine-tuning, with respect to friend requests. I incorrectly assumed that good or bad, agree or disagree, we’re all adults. My fault. Here’s my…..request. Should anyone desire that I cease from tagging, inviting, promoting, etc., my inbox is always available. If it bothers u too much, pls unfriend, and know I will not be offended. We’ll be in touch, if it was meant. Grown-up talk.
Know this: This page belongs to Cryss A Jones. Like u, I will post what I want. Or will I? ¬†Have I been silenced? Better question, what did I post, share, ¬†comment on that made someone actually take time out of their buddy lives to watch little ole’ me so closely? ¬†Don’t know. ¬†Don’t intend to over think it. Just gonna keep being me, speaking MY TRUTH, reporting the facts, ¬†in an unbiased, ¬†professional manner, full of integrity, ¬†and character. Should you attempt to post to my page, or inbox me, and get no response, never fear. Communication, ¬†like the river to the sea, ¬†flows.