Reality Petrified

​Random Musings: ***Language Warning***

Interesting thing, reality. It’s fluid (but not wet), and can be compartmentalized; in constant flux (Heraclitus), from box to box. Visit, as you like, or need. 

Occasionally, in the midst of travel between realities, there’s the crash; fluid turns to concrete. 180 m.p.h., and your outer box folds like an accordion -inner self rapidly disintegrates. The shelves come barreling down. Other boxes come crashing to the relative surface. Non-wet reactions, like children jumping in puddles-splash! Life debris everywhere. Now what? The manufacturer of your boxes has gone out of business. You’re out of duct tape. Who’s gonna put this stuff back? Wait, what box were u in? Will it fit, with it being fluid, and all; morphing, shifting, intermingling, creating new entities? New reality. FUCK!
#SendDuctTape #CreateNewReality

#UsePlasticBins #ConcreteHeadaches


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