Random Musings 10/26/2016

​Random Musings, cuz I’m still awake after my Royal Farms at 330am run (DON’T JUDGE ME🙃)

I was about to blog, and I may still, but my mind wandered (yeah, what’s new?) The blog was to be about music, but then I went back and read an earlier blog. 

As a Writer, we often export ideas, but never revisit. Here’s what I wrote,  recently:


“Dreams are God’s vision for our life’s purpose, embedded in our Spirits. It’s why they speak to you, even if you run from them, hide from them, fear them. You needn’t chase them, any more than you would your own DNA- they are God-ordained, just for you! Go. LIVE in your dreams (yes, plural), and walk in your destiny. ”
I assure you this is not an ego-moment; quite the opposite. I have the ability to observe my own situation, circumstances, life, from an objective perspective. I literally read the “Cryss-ism” as if someone else wrote it. OK,  it was one of my other personalities  (don’t hate cuz u only got one, or two),  but stay with me.

I count it a blessing to be able to detach and see truth and fact; to ponder, and learn, without the murky waters of personal feelings getting in the way. Having done so has allowed me to freely receive my own message. Wow! THAT’S a mighty big blessing and I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the ability to communicate via the written word. I KNOW I talk A LOT, but I rarely verbally communicate. Just doesn’t come natural. I thank God for the Phoenicians; to all who made the written word possible. 

But why writing vs. speaking? Talking, to me,  is like mixing baby oil and water. They are both liquid,  they can both nourish skin,  and in combination, go it really well. They can even exist in the same space, but they never become one. 

Writing is akin to absorption and communing. Becoming a part of, as opposed to being on something.  Does that make sense? Like music. It’s essence is internal,  though it’s vehicle is often external.

Maybe this is the blog. Hmmmm…..we’ll see. 

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