Random Musings About Transformation 

​God does not do random. My time with God, at 12am, was about my ongoing transformation.  My heart,  head, body, soul and Spirit are in an wondrous state of metamorphosis. I love it.  It’s taking me places I’ve been PETRIFIED to go, places I pretended didn’t exist,  places I didn’t know existed, places I’d forgotten (how to be happy , contentment, love of writing and music); even to taking better care of myself, over ALL life domains. When u are chronically ill, you can become of the mindset that u don’t deserve certain things;  to get your hair/nails/ feet done,  go to lunch,  stroll/cart around a mall, go to an Art gallery opening, etc.  Why bother, right? Wrong!  God IS transforming me, as we speak. I’m so grateful.  He’s given me a new song, this morning. Thank u, Lord. Gotta go let Him sort it out, and finish writing it. I used to think I was a Writer/Lyricist. I am learning that I’m merely the conduit to which, prayerfully, He will use us to bless others, via the gifts He’s bestowed upon me. Please lift me in prayer, as I tend to jump in God’s way,  on occasion, and screw things up.  I decrease,  He increases! I get quiet and stay still, He moves, and speaks.  Stay tuned! 🎼🎶🎹🎤

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