Remembering 9/11: America Can, Should, and WILL Be Great


On the anniversary of the terrorist attacks, I keep in remembrance those who lost their lives, on that day, those who subsequently lost their lives, and those whose lives were forever changed. I thank God for every person who cared nothing of race, creed, color, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, or gender, but only of helping their fellow human beings. I’m thankful for the service of EVERY active military person, who risked, and sacrificed their lives, and who did so every day, and to EVERY Veteran. God, please continue to keep us safe, in spite of those who care not that their words and actions put us in grave danger.

America CAN be great. America SHOULD be great. When we live, and behave as one people, not only during times of tragedy, but daily, America WILL be great.

#LiveAsOneDaily #Remember
#SacrificeIsTheManifestationOfLove #ThereIsOnlyOneRaceAndItsHuman

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